JavaScript Events Capture and Bubbling

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I wanted to reinforce my understanding of how events work in the browser. While I know how they work, I always find it best to have something to visually represent something that's inherently abstract, and thus cement it into my head.

Event phases

There are two phases to events: bubbling and capturing. Any element along the way through the capture and bubbling phases, with the same event listener, will also trigger said event.

Capture Phase

By default, capturing does not happen in the browser. You have to manually enable it on an event listener like so:

function capture(){

document.querySelector('div').addEventListener('click', capture, { capture: true });

// Shortcut version
// document.querySelector('div').addEventListener('click', capture, true);

Capture goes down from the window object all the way to the element triggering the event (In this case, a click event).

Bubble Phase

Bubbling does the opposite of the capture phase - it goes from the element triggering the event, all the up to the window.

function bubble(){

// All events bubble by default
document.querySelector('div').addEventListener('click', bubble);

Event phases demo

Here we can see the capture and bubble phases, and in what order they trigger. I use the perfomance api to get accurate timestamps for when each event is triggered.

See the Pen Event Capturing and Bubbling by Neal Fennimore (@nealfennimore) on CodePen.